6-8 Double Santa Barbara w. 36" Doors

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Product Overview

This double prehung door features the Santa Barbara Fiberglass Premium Series door and a ParcelVault® installed in the inactive door. This two-door prehung unit is available with a smooth surface (perfect for a paint finish).

This door may be ordered unfinished or with a factory-applied paint finish in 9 different colors (arcade white, shoji white, softened green, grey clouds, gale force, rookwood terra cotta, urbane bronze, perle noir, or tricorn black). For painted doors, the fiberglass frame around the glass and door jamb is painted black (as shown) to match the ParcelVault.

We suggest using a nickel handleset and ordering with a nickel/mill finish threshold and nickel hinges for a great ultra-modern look.

Select from 6 different glass texture options for the glass panel in the Santa Barbara door: clear, water, reeds, cloud, large flemish, or rain.

Both doors in this unit are 6'8" tall by 36" wide.

Borehole prep may also be added based on your choice of right-hand or left-hand inswing.

All Fiberglass doors take 10-15 business days in production and then 3-5 business days in transit time via FedEx Freight. 

*Due to delays and increased demand, our ship date has been extended to 5-6 weeks upon ordering. 

Additional Door Details:

  • Exact size is 74-3/4" wide by 82-1/2" tall
  • Door itself is 1-3/4” thick
    • ParcelVault is 8" thick, extending 6-1/4" from interior of the door
  • Right hand in-swing and left-hand in-swing options available
    • ParcelVault comes installed in the non-in-swing door
  • Bore Hole prep option available, along with choice of single or double and backset
  • Door structure and paint finish are warranted for 5 years
  • Can be made to your exact size requirements; please inquire
  • Doors utilize reinforced extra-wide door stiles
  • Adjustable door threshold
  • All composite jambs
  • Brickmold included
  • Door sweep and weatherstrip included
  • Patented CFC – Free “green” polyurethane BioFoam Core
  • Award Winning, Patented Low VOC and HAP-free finishing process
  • High resistance to extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Doors will not rot, warp, split or crack
  • Full-size doors for replacement in your current home
  • Composite pre-hung entry options
  • Solid reinforced stiles from top to bottom eliminating thermal deflection
  • Ring Doorbell not included

ParcelVault Details

  • ParcelVault allows packages and envelopes to be delivered safely through your door and into your home
  • ParcelVault is sized to fit 95% of packages
    • 30-1/4" wide
    • 23-1/4" tall
    • 8" deep
  • Black powder coated ParcelVault parts ensure long use
  • Stainless steel handle on exterior ParcelVault door
  • Interior security lock can be engaged to seal the exterior door, preventing unexpected use
  • Exterior door includes built-in soft-closing mechanism
  • Exterior ParcelVault door is foam filled for insulation
  • ParcelVault has been cycle tested to 20 years of use (Assuming 1 delivery per day)
  • ParcelVault's design is so precise that the tiny Ring Mailbox sensor (not included) can fit right inside the ParcelVault itself, sending you a motion-activated alert whenever your ParcelVault is opened
  • ParcelVault has patents pending

Free shipping within the continental United States! ParcelVault Double Doors are shipped in a single large box on a pallet. Pre-hung units are fully assembled, then the doors are removed from the door frame before shipping for added protection.


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