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Comparison: ParcelVault vs. Porch Package Lock Box for Preventing Package Theft

When it comes to preventing package theft from porch pirates, two popular options are ParcelVault and a package lock box for your front porch. Let's compare the features of each to help you decide which one is right for you.


With ParcelVault, you can simply open the exterior door, place your package inside, and close the door, and the package will fall safely inside the building. The attachment between ParcelVault's interior and exterior doors creates a seal that prevents the interior door from being opened as long as the exterior door is lowered, making it impossible for thieves or troublemakers to gain unwanted entry. In fact, even if someone tries to climb through the unit, their own weight is used against them to hold the interior door shut. ParcelVault features a sleek design that looks great and can accept a wide variety of items, including small cards, envelopes, and boxes up to 30" x 23" which is large enough to fit 95% of all packages. Even an 8’ fishing pole can fit through. The weight limit is 50 lbs, making it suitable for most deliveries. Here are some key features of ParcelVault:

  • Allows packages to be delivered directly into your home without giving anybody direct access to the inside of your home
  • Can store packages up to 30" x 23"  inches
  • Has a lockable mechanism to prevent theft
  • Works for 95% of packages
  • Includes a security lock that can be engaged to prevent the outer door from opening
  • Has space to fit a motion sensor inside the unit that can send an alert whenever it’s opened
  • Starts at $699

Package Lock Box (Package Box For Porch)

A package lock box is a container that can be locked and placed on your porch or outside your home. It provides a secure storage space for packages that makes it hard for porch pirates to steal. Here are some key features of a package lock box:

  • Provides a secure storage space for packages
  • Can be placed on your porch or outside your home
  • Prices vary depending on brand and features


ParcelVault provides a physical delivery solution for packages and has a lockable mechanism to prevent theft. It allows your packages to be delivered directly inside your home without needing to provide anyone direct access to your house. Prices start at $699.

Package lock boxes can vary in size and price. A package lock box sits on your front porch and allows delivery people to place the package inside the box for safe storage. The delivery person will need a code or a special key to deliver to the box and some delivery companies won’t approve that. Because delivery people have access to what’s already inside the box when they open it that could be an issue.There have been stories about entire lock boxes being stolen off porches which defeats the purpose of the lock box. The price of package lock boxes varies widely depending on the options you choose and how secure you want it to be.

Ultimately, the choice between ParcelVault and a package lock box will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider the size and frequency of your package deliveries, your budget, and whether you want your packages to sit outside your house in a lock box or be delivered directly inside your home. In most cases, ParcelVault is a better option than a package lock box, but if you have a small budget then you might be able to find an inexpensive package lock box that could work for you.


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