What is ParcelVault?


ParcelVault is a revolutionary new solution to an all-too-common issue: package theft.


Available pre-installed in a premium fiberglass door or as a ready-to-install DIY unit, ParcelVault allows packages, envelopes, and other items to be delivered directly into your home, safe and secure from the outside world.


Putting an End to Package Theft: Introducing ParcelVault, the Revolutionary Solution

ParcelVault elevates home security to a whole new level. Unlike Ring Doorbells and security cameras that are primarily reactive, ParcelVault is a proactive solution that prevents package theft from ever occurring. With ParcelVault, you can simply open the exterior door, place your package inside, and close the door, and the package will fall safely inside the building. The attachment between ParcelVault's interior and exterior doors creates a seal that prevents the interior door from being opened as long as the exterior door is lowered, making it impossible for thieves or troublemakers to gain unwanted entry. In fact, even if someone tries to climb through the unit, their own weight is used against them to hold the interior door shut. For added security, ParcelVault includes an interior lock that can be engaged to prevent the exterior door from being opened when you're not expecting any deliveries.

Unlike locker-style solutions that are bulky and have limited capacity, ParcelVault features a sleek design that looks great and can accept a wide variety of items, including small cards, envelopes, and boxes up to 30" x 23" or even longer - large enough to fit 90% of all packages. The weight limit is 50lbs, making it suitable for most deliveries. Major delivery companies have approved of the design and support its use by their delivery drivers, adding to its credibility.

To further enhance security, you can mount a Ring Doorbell or camera on or near ParcelVault. The precise design of ParcelVault even allows the tiny Ring Mailbox sensor to fit inside, sending you a motion-activated alert whenever your ParcelVault is opened. With a camera mounted on or alongside your ParcelVault, you can not only be informed of when and how someone attempts to steal a package, but you can prevent the theft altogether with ParcelVault's robust security features.

What's more, ParcelVault is a cost-effective solution, with doors starting at $2,035 and an MSRP of $699 on the DIY unit. It quickly pays for itself after protecting only a few packages, making it far more affordable than other solutions on the market that can cost $10,000 or more. With its combination of advanced security features, sleek design, and affordability, ParcelVault is the ultimate solution for protecting your packages and elevating your home security to new heights.


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