About Us

Located in Houston, Texas, ParcelVault is a family company that offers a unique, safe, effective, and affordable solution to package theft. 

John and Jonathan Plummer saw the need for a solution to package thieves - aka porch pirates - in 2019, when John mailed some Christmas presents to Jonathan, and they were stolen off of his front porch within minutes of delivery. This was not the first time a package had been stolen, but, after the shock of losing valued Christmas presents, we were determined to find a solution.

To our surprise, there weren't any reasonable options available unless we wanted to install a large, bulky, expensive package locker on our doorstep, pay thousands of dollars for a custom solution, work with an off-site delivery location, or allow delivery companies to access our house.

None of those options were acceptable.

Undeterred, we decided to solve the problem ourselves. But instead of starting from scratch, we were able to leverage John's 40 years of experience in the home building materials industry as the founder and President of GlassCraft Door Company, the #1 hardwood entry door company in the USA. So we set to work developing our own solution - one which would solve the package-theft problem without creating new ones.

After a variety of designs, including a clunky-yet-intriguing in-door rotating-drum-design, the ParcelVault was born in 2022. Its effective yet easy-to-install design means that anyone can make their home more secure by installing a ParcelVault in an exterior wall or even a door.

In 2023, after a year of development, we launched our first series of premium fiberglass single and double doors with ParcelVault already installed, removing the need to install ParcelVault in a wall and instead integrating it within existing doorways.

With ParcelVault, we're stopping Porch Pirates in their tracks and saving homeowners millions of dollars and hours of frustration, helping to deliver safety, security, happiness, and Christmas presents to customers around the world.


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