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Give yourself peace of mind with our revolutionary answer to package theft - ParcelVault.

Safe, effective, easy to use, and affordable, ParcelVault is the home security solution you've been looking for.


Installed in an exterior wall or even a door, ParcelVault allows packages (and envelopes) to be placed directly into your building, safe from thieves and the elements alike.


Its self-closing design - with the outer-door forcing the inner door shut when it's opened - prevents unwanted entry. An additional security lock is included on the interior for added protection to prevent ParcelVault from being opened when you're not expecting a delivery.


Major delivery companies have approved of the design and support its use by their delivery drivers.


Above all, with an MSRP of $699, it pays for itself after protecting only a few packages (or even just one iPhone), and it's FAR more affordable than other solutions, some of which cost $6,000 or more!

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