A Revolutionary Solution to Package Theft

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ParcelVault Allows Packages To Be Delivered Safely INTO Your Home or Building

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Simple, Yet Effective

Our ParcelVault Doors Not Only Prevent Porch Pirates, They Look Great!

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Multiple Styles Of Both Single and Double Doors

Dozens Of Options Are Available - Choose Your Own Style, Size, Color, Glass, and More

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No More Porch Pirates! Just Package Protection and Peace of Mind

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Give yourself peace of mind with our revolutionary answer to package theft - ParcelVault.

Stop Porch Pirates In Their Tracks! Prevent Package Theft

ParcelVault allows deliveries to pass directly into your home

Safe and Secure

Engage a lock on the inside to lock the outer door when you're not expecting deliveries

Fits 95% Of Packages

From envelopes to 8' fishing poles

Can't Be Climbed Through

Interior door seals shut when exterior door is opened

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To the continental USA

ParcelVault is our revolutionary solution to an all-too-common issue: package theft.


Safe, effective, and easy to use, ParcelVault allows packages and other deliveries to be delivered safely into your home or building, secure and protected from the outside world.


Comprised of an internal and external door system, packages and envelopes can pass safely through, but a connection between both doors prevents the interior door from opening while the exterior door is opened. For additional protection, there's a security lock on the back of the ParcelVault that can be engaged to prevent the exterior door from being opened.


It's been meticulously designed to fit 95% of packages - anything from small standard envelopes to 8' fishing poles (and longer).


In contrast to locker-style solutions, which are bulky, ugly, expensive, and have limited capacity, ParcelVault's sleek design looks great, while its in-door/in-wall functionality allows numerous packages to be safely deposited inside.


ParcelVault is avaialble pre-installed into a series of beautiful premium fiberglass doors. We offer both single and double doors in a range of styles and sizes, with your choice of color, glass textures, and more.


ParcelVault is also avaialble as a DIY-unit, ready to be installed in any location of your choosing, such as an exterior wall, gate, or a door of your own.


Major delivery companies have approved of the design and support its use by their delivery drivers.


Above all, with DIY ParcelVaults priced at $699 and premium fiberglass doors starting at $2,035, ParcelVaults pay for themselves after protecting only a few packages (or even just one iPhone), and they're FAR more affordable than other solutions, some of which cost $10,000 or more, and don't come with a premium fiberglass door!

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