As ParcelVault is a relatively new and unique product, questions are common. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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What is ParcelVault?

ParcelVault is a new and innovative solution to an all-too-common issue: package theft.

Installed in an exterior wall or door, ParcelVault allows packages to be delivered directly into your home or office simply by opening the ParcelVault's door, inserting a package, and then closing the door. More information can be found on our Specs, Details, and Product pages. We also have a video demonstration.

When will ParcelVault be available?

A limited quantity of ParcelVaults are available now! Once the limited quantity sells out, we'll be accepting pre-orders for additional units which will begin shipping in late May 2022.

What size packages does ParcelVault accept?

ParcelVaults can accept a wide variety of items, from small cards and envelopes to boxes that are 30" x 23" or even longer. The weight limit is 50lbs. For more details, including how to insert long packages, see our Installation & Instructions page.

How big is ParcelVault?

ParcelVaults are 30.25" wide, 23.25" tall, and 8" thick. It should be installed in an exterior opening that's 28" wide by 20.5" wide.

How do I install ParcelVault?

ParcelVaults should be installed by a licensed professional familiar with construction. ParcelVault installation is simplest if it's done during the home-building process, but that is not a requirement as ParcelVaults can be installed in homes of any status - whether new construction decades old.

It is sized to fit into standard 2" x 4" or 2" x 6" stud walls with 16" spacing.

ParcelValuts can also be installed in exterior doors.

For more information, see our Installation & Instructions page.

How do I use ParcelVault?

Usage is simple and intuitive, even for someone who's never seen a ParcelVault before.

Simply pull the exterior handle down to expose the interior of ParcelVault - doing so will automatically lock the inner door to prevent unwanted entry into the interior of the building. Place an envelope or package onto the ParcelVault's main open door, pushing the package to towards the inner door. Lift up on the main door handle - this will automatically unlock the interior door, allowing the envelope or package to begin to slide through the ParcelVault. Continue lifting until the exterior door is closed - the package or envelope will fall through the inner door as the outer door is closed.

Click here to see a video demonstration.

NOTE - on the interior of each ParcelVault is a lock that allows the owner to lock the exterior door, preventing the exterior door from being opened at all. If this lock is engaged, packages and envelopes cannot be inserted.

For more information, see our Installation & Instructions page.

What's stopping someone from simply opening ParcelVault and climbing through?

Did you know that more than 85% of break-ins happen through via rear of a building? Although harder to access, most thieves are willing to make a little extra effort to avoid the visibility of a front door break-in. And around that front-door is exactly where most packages are delivered today, so it's the perfect location for ParcelVault.

ParcelVault's unique self-closing design ensures that the interior door can only be opened as the front door is being shut. Two steel levers are attached to both the front and interior door, ensuring that the inner door is sealed shut whenever the exterior door is opened. As the front door is closed, and ONLY as the front door is closed, can the back door begin to open. For packages, this is crucial as it allows the package to slide safely through the back door and into your building. For safety, it's also key as it prevents unwanted access. Further, at their peak, both doors are only open a few inches before the other is completely shut. This means that if someone tries to jump inside, their own body weight on the front door is used against them to seal the inner door shut.

For added security, there's a lock built into the unit that can only be engaged from the inside of the building. When latched, this lock prevents the outer door from opening at all. So when you're not expecting a package, such as at night, you can engage this lock to prevent anyone from even opening your ParcelVault, let alone jumping inside.

For added security, we recommend ParcelValut be installed in an exterior wall which backs up to an enclosed portion of your building, such as a garage or coat closet. This means that, if there somehow is unwanted entry via your ParcelVault, you have the added security preventing access to the interior of your unit.

As an added bonus, this also allows your ParcelVault to accept as many packages as can fit into your garage or coat closet.

Is ParcelVault weather-proof?

Yes! ParcelVault's exterior door is filled with foam insulation, protecting it (and your home) from sun, wind, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. It also has black powder coated parts to help ensure long use.

How long will ParcelVault last?

ParcelVaults are built to last! They're built entirely out of steel with black powder coating to ensure long use. Although a new product, ParcelVaults have been cycle-tested and, assuming one delivery per day, should last 20 years or more.

Does ParcelVault include a warranty?

We currently offer a one-year warranty. Details can be found on our Warranty page.

Do delivery companies know what it is and how to use it?

Although a new product, we've worked with multiple major delivery companies along the way. As it's not uncommon for the delivery companies to be held liable for package theft, reimbursing either the shipper or the receiver when a package is stolen, they're very receptive to their deliverers utilizing ParcelVaults. In short - they love it! They fully support the use of ParcelVaults and have noted their delivery drivers are ready and willing to use it in order to help make package theft a thing of the past.

But, if you're concerned or if you're expecting a delivery from a friend or non-professional-deliverer, a 'Please insert packages here' sign or sticker on the exterior of ParcelVault makes its purpose more obvious.

How do Ring products integrate with ParcelVault?

As cool as they are, Ring products have one major flaw - they're largely reactive instead of proactive. With a Ring Doorbell, the best-case-scenario for preventing package theft is that a would-be thief sees the Ring Doorbell and decides not to steal your package. But far too often, the end result is a stolen package and a frustrating video from Ring of the theft still taking place.

In contrast, ParcelVault can prevent that theft from ever taking place, and when paired with a Ring Doorbell mounted on or near ParcelVault, you can be well informed about what happened.

Further, ParcelVault's meticulous design includes space for a Ring Mailbox motion sensor to be installed directly inside each ParcelVault, sending you an automated alert whenever ParcelVault is opened and the Ring Mailbox sensor detects movement.

How much is shipping?

As part of our limited-inventory promotion, ParcelVaults ship free within the continental United States. We can also ship to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada, although the customer is responsible for the shipping charges. If you are in Hawaii, Alaska or Canada and would like to order a ParcelVault, please contact us at and we'll provide a shipping quote.


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